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2020-07-16 11:21 pm


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I'll feed you properly, promise. (・ω・) 
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2015-07-15 08:26 pm

RP info

I'm Tezzino, [personal profile] sugarplumpie
and I play
[community profile] havenrpg
Uzume | [personal profile] uzumerorin | Itsuwaribito Utsuho
Izumo no Takeru | [personal profile] thievingironman  | Susanoh ~The Sword of the Devil~

[community profile] soul_campaign
JK (Jinguu Kaizou) | [personal profile] butterflyinfojk | Kamen Rider Fourze

[community profile] scorched
Snow | [personal profile] snowpup | Jiu Jiu
Hikae Nibyo | [personal profile] deathtooboring | Itsuwaribito Utsuho

[community profile] cfud
JK (Jinguu Kaizou) | [personal profile] justkiddingforshort | Kamen Rider Fourze

[community profile] hollyheights
Amai Uzume | [personal profile] uzumerorin | Itsuwaribito Utsuho

Contact methods
Plurk: [ profile] sweettartsheaven
email: tensaidaroi @
tumblr: [ profile] sweettamago

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2013-08-27 04:44 pm

moving journals~~

I made a new journal a couple days back. So go find me at [personal profile] rainbowpuke ~